Willie Peyote

Willie Peyote, pseudonym of Guglielmo Bruno, was born in Turin in 1985 from a Turin father from Barriera and a mother from Biella.

His stage name combines Wile E. Coyote with peyote, a hallucinogenic plant from North America. Willie is a reference to his real name, William. With 5 albums under his belt, WILLIE PEYOTE over the years has obtained more and more acclaim from the public but also from critics, so much so that he is considered to all intents and purposes one of the most interesting and innovative figures on the contemporary Italian Indie scene. In 2011 he released his first solo album, “The manual of the young nihilist”, which already from the title suggests his vision of the world and his way of communicating it to his listeners, condensed into a provocative mix of cynicism, self-irony and social denunciation. Two years later, in 2013, “It’s not my kind, the human kind” comes out, which seems to reconfirm his anthropological pseudo-pessimism. In 2015 he published “Education Savoy” for ThisPlay Music, a record that Willie definitively launched. The album is studded with more or less direct quotes, aimed at the great names of rap, rock and songwriting (Cypress Hill, The Clash, Francesco Guccini), so much so that it closes with an intense and poetic text “( And then ciao) ”in which Luigi Tenco is mentioned. Particular attention has aroused the song contained in the same disc “I am not racist but …”. On 6 October 2017 “Tôret’s Syndrome”, produced by 451, was released. The record, which according to Willie is the ideal conjugation of his two musical instincts, rock and hip-hop, was very well received and obtained the gold certification . In 2018 Subsonica’s “8” was released, containing a collaboration by Willie Peyote who sings in the song “L’incubo”, released as a single on March 8, 2019. On October 25, 2019 his latest recording project, “Iodegradabile”, album which debuted in the Top5 of the best-selling and listened to records in Italy, preceded by the single “La Tua Futura Ex Moglie”, a song that has obtained excellent feedback on the main radio networks and is certified gold. From the disc were also extracted the singles “WHEN NOBODY SEE YOU” and “SEMAFORO”, these too well received by audiences and critics. On 1 May 2020 he publishes “Algoritmo”, a song that sees the participation of the international star Shaggy (among the most programmed by the radios of that summer). In November 2020, “Depression is a time of year” comes out, a bitter photograph of the difficult period linked to covid19, told with the ways and tones of those who have made the social accusation and the description of our society one of the cornerstones of his artistic work. 2021 instead opened with the participation in the Sanremo Festival with “Mai dire mai (La locura)”, which gave him the Critics Award Mia Martini and was PLATINUM certified and continued with a tour that saw him busy all summer around the peninsula.