Noyz Narcos

NOYZ NARCOS (Rome, 1979) is universally considered one of the greatest exponents of all time in the Italian hip hop / hardcore scene, which he approached in the early 90s, first as a writer and then as a rapper. With a twenty-year musical career behind him, which first saw him distinguish himself as a member of the TruceBoys and TruceKlan collectives and then as a soloist, he was able to achieve success by continuously renewing his musical proposal, without ever distorting its aesthetics or imaginary of reference, bringing to the genre a language, themes and sounds hitherto unknown in Italy. Since the publication of his first solo album Non Sleep (2005), he has recorded records that are now considered classics of the genre, between scenarios of everyday life in the suburbs (first Roman and then Milanese) and a dense imaginary of cinematographic references. His previous studio work, Enemy (2018), certified platinum, was ranked first among the best-selling Italian vinyls of that year (third overall after Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side Of the Moon and Nirvana’s Nevermind) .