Born in 1988, he has been part of the Tanta Roba Label roster since 2013, in four years he has conquered sales rankings, several FIMI certifications and millions of views and streams. In February 2017 he created the song “For Honor”, produced by PK, in collaboration with Ubisoft, a song written to celebrate the release of the video game of the same name, a true cult for fans. In 2017, “Instagrammo” (contained in “Kepler”) and “Bolla Papale Freestyle” (contained in “MM vol. 2”) were certified single gold, “Veleno 6” (contained in “MM vol. 2”) , and “Blue Sky” (contained in “Kepler”), are certified single platinum by FIMI. He is considered one of the most technically talented rappers on the scene. His official debut, after the classic underground ascent made up of jam and mixtape, is with “Kepler” (Tanta Roba Label / Universal Music), the album paired with Gemitaiz in 2014, which immediately debuted in first position in the FIMI chart ( certified gold in less than two months). Madman’s first official solo album arrives in 2015 and is titled “Doppelganger” (Tanta Roba Label / Universal Music), debuts at the top of the charts and includes great collaborations including Fabri Fibra and among producers PK, Ombra, Pherro and many others. In October 2016 he released his second official mixtape entitled “MM Vol. 2” in free download.

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